History of Leona Meat

In 1963, the Leona Meat Plant was born when Charles Debach, formerly employed at Troy Meat Plant, used his knowledge as a butcher and knack for making connections to start his own business. As the business began to grow, with a custom cutting addition in 1967 and retail store in 1972, his sons, Chick (Charles II) and Mike were there to learn their father’s butchering methods and management tactics it takes to run a custom cutting and retail butcher shop.

Today, Leona Meats boasts 10 employees and the company is manufacturing more products than ever before. They have expanded their services to preparing and packaging products for other companies, private labels, and various vendors, including those at farmer’s markets and local festivals. Leona Meat Plant’s retail store offers a full line of frozen products, from vegetables to seafood, as well as deli meats, breads, and dairy products.

Since opening its doors nearly 50 years ago, the Debach family has worked hard to make Leona Meats a name that stands for value, quality, and service. You won’t be disappointed!