Quality is Why We Are Here

Brothers Chick and Mike have been in the meat business since childhood. Chick, president of Leona Meat Plant, is the primary butcher. Taught what he knows by his father, he is a true craftsman at cutting meat. Each morning and throughout the day, Chick fills the case that you see upon walking into the store: steaks, roasts, poultry, and pork. Everything is cut on the premises and can be trimmed to your liking.

Mike, the other half of the Debach duo, is also a long-time butcher, but is usually found in the office, managing the intricate custom-cutting component of the business. Scheduling animals for slaughter, taking cutting instructions, and connecting with customers, Mike makes sure you get your beef, lamb, or pig processed exactly the way you want it!

In addition to a retail store and custom cutting, Chick and Mike will help you place your order over the phone, or answer any of your questions.

With a loyalty to their business and their customers that’s uncommon in today’s ever-globalizing economy, they live up to their motto that "Quality is why we are here."

























We have been informed by PENNDOT that due to a change in the project,  the scheduled road closure for Leona Road has been delayed 4-6 months. Leona Road WILL BE OPEN will be open for the foreseeable future.  We will provide updates as we receive them. Thank you for your support.